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A company’s brand is the relationship it has with its customers – is one of the few things a company can own forever. The strongest, most enduring brands result from disciplined alignment of brand strategies and plans with customer requirements!

Our team of experienced brand strategy consultants offers a comprehensive suite of branding services, backed by a wealth of expertise in qualitative and quantitative brand research, case studies, and proprietary tools. We’re here to help you create distinctive brands and brand architectures that leave a lasting impact.


Brand Values

Brand Personality

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Brand Values

Brand Personality

Tone of Voice


Names & Taglines

Brand Story

Brand Colours

Brand Identity

We specialize in crafting compelling brand identities that speak to your customers across all touchpoints. We employ journey maps, creative concepts, brand videos, and materials development to ensure a consistent brand experience.

Our belief is that great design breathes life into your brand's positioning, fostering customer relevance, competitive differentiation, and internal alignment. Explore our branding identity services and let your brand shine in every brand-customer interaction.

Brand Architecture

As a leading brand strategy firm, we leverage proven brand architecture models, templates, and processes to simplify complexity, reduce brand overlap, and lower costs. Our strategic portfolio management approach helps structure your various brands and products effectively. Ensuring alignment with customer requirements is the cornerstone of effective brand management. Our brand consulting services assist companies in organizing and managing their branded offerings, aiming to maximize strategic leverage and boost brand portfolio value.

Brand Naming

Powerful brand and product names are built upon robust positioning strategies. Mercomz serves as your brand naming consultant, creating strong, memorable, and legally available brand names that capture both the brand promise and your target audience's hearts We consider Brand Positioning and Brand Architecture to ensure on-strategy development, ensuring your brand name aligns with your overall brand strategy.

Brand Extension

Brands possess elasticity and can be strategically extended. Protecting the core essence of your brand is the key. Mercomz employs brand extension examples, principles, and frameworks to develop brand extension strategies that align with your brand’s essence.

Effective brand extension strengthens the brand franchise, enhances the success of new business ventures, and reduces development costs.

The benefits include immediate awareness, trust, accelerated trial, competitive advantage, distribution leverage, margin enhancement, and spending efficiencies.

Brand Positioning

We’ve successfully positioned numerous brands using a proven approach that maximizes customer relevancy and uniqueness. Our process involves thorough research, defining, and delivering positioning strategies that lead in the marketplace. Establishing a robust, defensible brand positioning is critical, and we ensure that your branding efforts align seamlessly with your business strategy.

Through our brand positioning consulting services, we collaborate with clients to define, differentiate, and position brands effectively, enhancing customer relevance and competitive differentiation. We identify specific brand action plans, including communication objectives, strategies, and plans, to enhance your brand’s positioning appeal.

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