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Marketing Consultancy

Are you looking for a Marketing Consultancy to help grow your business? Identifying and filling customer needs is key to marketing success

Mercomz ensures that marketing plan development is grounded in marketplace realities to best meet customer needs.

Our consultancy services include market assessment, “STP” framework development (i.e., Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning), and marketing plan development.

Our marketing strategy consultants employ a disciplined approach and a broad spectrum of analytical tools in mapping customer needs to marketing requirements, and then aligning the offering with target customer requirements. The end result is improved performance, as demonstrated through our clients’ increased sales, effectiveness and revenue.

Market Assessment

Market assessment at Mercomz is designed to ground the team on the business and confirm key issues to address during the consulting engagement.

Competitive profiling, market research, in-depth interviews, focus groups and ethnographic research are just some of the methods we employ to gain market and competitive insight. We provide the necessary fact-base to support strategic marketing decision making.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation ensures a market-driven approach to strategy and plan development based on internal workshops and market research.

We understand that our customers are not alike and individual customer groups will seek out different products and brands for different reasons. Our marketing consultants have deep expertise in applying market research to develop customer frameworks as the platform for marketing strategy development.

Strategic Positioning

Strategic positioning results in the most relevant, differentiated and credible expression of the core offering.

Strategic positioning brings focus and clarity to both upstream and downstream marketing activities. Our marketing consultants have deep expertise in developing relevant and distinctive positionings for a broad array of clients. We work at positioning development which includes preparing a benefit hierarchy to demonstrate alternative positioning areas.

Target Marketing

Target marketing is one of the most important components in marketing strategy development.

Targeting recognizes that most companies have limited resources and therefore need to “place their bets” where they will yield the highest return.Target Marketing defines the most attractive segments, based on size, growth, benefit orientation and internal fit.Targeting at Mercomz is an issue of prioritization vs. necessarily excluding customer groups.

Market Plan Development

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Marketing plan development includes defining the marketing mix, including customer acquisition and retention details.

Mercomz offers marketing plan consulting services, resulting in strategic, actionable plans to drive growth.

Market plan development requires clearly defining marketing plan objectives, goals and tactics, including market mix decisions. Our marketing plan consultants consider the importance of awareness generation vs. other communication objectives.

  • \Should the marketing plan emphasize customer acquisition or retention?
  • \What is the optimal media strategy, plan and budget?
  • \What is the specific marketing action plan to enact — including cost, timing and budgetary parameters?