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At Mercomz, with you to boost your business through smart marketing advice. We’re completely geared to making your brand shine by ensuring your marketing game is on point, matching what’s happening out there in the real world and what your customers are looking for.

Market Assessment
At Mercomz, our market assessment process is carefully structured to establish a strong footing for your marketing endeavors. We employ a diverse array of techniques, such as competitive profiling, in-depth interviews, comprehensive market research, focused group discussions, and thorough ethnographic research, to unearth profound insights about your market and competitors. These invaluable insights serve as the cornerstone for data-driven decision-making, bolstering the effectiveness and performance of your marketing strategy.
Market Segmentation
We recognize that not all customers are the same. Our consultants are experts in using market research to create customer frameworks that guide your marketing strategy. This ensures that your strategy is tailored to the unique preferences and needs of individual customer groups, leading to more effective and targeted campaigns.
Strategic Positioning
Strategic positioning involves the skillful creation of a unique, trustworthy, and pertinent representation of your core product or service. Our team of seasoned professionals excels in this art by formulating distinct positions that differentiate you from your competitors. We construct benefit hierarchies that present a range of positioning possibilities, guaranteeing that your brand's identity is not only captivating but also one-of-a-kind.
Target Marketing
Target is a crucial component of the overall market strategy development. We understand that your resources are finite, and we help you identify the customer segments based on size, growth potential, benefit orientation, and internal fit.

We understand that Target Marketing is all about making informed choices and prioritizing segments that bring the highest returns.
Market Plan Development

Our Market plan development is the culmination of a disciplined approach to the overall Marketing strategy. We work closely with you to define clear objectives, goals, and tactics, including the marketing mix decisions.

Our team considers factors such as awareness generation versus other communication objectives, customer acquisition and retention, optimal media strategies, and budget allocations.

The result? Strategic and actionable plans to drive the growth of your business.

Market Plan Development

Marketing plan development includes defining the marketing mix, including customer acquisition and retention details.

Mercomz offers marketing plan consulting services, resulting in strategic, actionable plans to drive growth.

Market plan development requires clearly defining marketing plan objectives, goals and tactics, including market mix decisions. Our marketing plan consultants consider the importance of awareness generation vs. other communication objectives.

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