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Experience is believing – and believing is forever when it comes to brand love!

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What is Our Viewpoint?

The world of marketing is evolving, and experiential marketing is taking center stage. In fact, according to a recent Freeman Global Brand Experience Study, one in three CMOs expects experiential marketing to account for at least 20% of their marketing budgets in the next three to five years.

Some Relevant Stats

0 %
People say a live event is more effective than television ads.
0 %
people are more likely to purchase a product after a live experience.
0 %
Companies who run experiential campaigns report 10:1 returns on investment.
0 %
Fortune 500 marketers chose experiential as the most successful tactic.
0 %
Fortune 500 companies are using experiential to drive brand awareness and lead generation.
0 %
Marketers think Experiential Marketing is an effective strategy
0 %
Mmarketers use experiential marketing as a vital part of a brand’s advertising strategies.
0 %
Brands say they will execute more event and experiential programs this year.
0 %
CMOs believe that experiential strongly impact the connection & increase advocacy.

Here is how we make experiences memorable

Creating Emotional Connections

To leave a lasting impression, a brand must master the art of forging emotional connections with its consumers; a connection that inspires and delight. It is a lofty goal, but one we have achieved consistently.

The Brand Experience

At the core of our approach is empathy and an in-depth understanding of your ideal customer. Leveraging our proprietary consumer shopping behavior data and data management platform, we construct audience profiles that capture the unique needs and desires of your target audience. We understand what drives your customers and how your brand fulfills those desires.

Profiling the Ideal Customer

Our approach is rooted in empathy and a thorough understanding of your ideal customer. Using our proprietary consumer shopping behavior data and data management platform, we build audience profiles that capture the needs and desires of your target — along with how your brand satisfies those cravings.

Expanding the Marketing Ecosystem

Our commitment to great experience design doesn't end with the event itself. We collaborate closely with our Strategy and Media teams to extend the impact of our live experiences into your broader marketing ecosystem. This includes identifying the right marketing channels, partnerships, and assets that resonate with your audience, and ensuring that your brand shows up at the right time and place to draw them in. And then, we strive to do it all over again, bigger and better than before.

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