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Responsible Retail Solutions that matters!

Mercomz Retail consultancy will impress you with clearly laid-out, logical explanations, based on experience and professional opinion.We lay out executable and practical recommendations. We pride ourselves on providing clear advice and pragmatic implementation!

Our collective expertise encompasses all operational areas, based on the experience we have gained in our long professional careers in the retail industry and with existing clients of our consulting firm. All our programmes and retail strategies have the goal to help the client grow.

Our 4 Main Priorities

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Retail is undergoing a transformation. In order to succeed, companies need to understand their customers better than ever before.

Evolved Retail Proposition

As the retail market evolves, brands needs to adapt acordingly. Invest in understanding what todays customer actually wants and expects from a retailer.

Customer Value Exchange

A two-way dialogue between the brand and customer gives the customer a meaningful platform to be heard. Valuing your customers feedback builds customer trust and in turn loyality.

The Retail Experience = Your Unique Selling Proposition

In a saturated market, retailers need to focus on making the CX less transactional and more memorable to build a connection between themselves and the customer.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency matters because if you want each customer to have a positive experience with your company every time, you must create a seamless multi-platform customer journey.

Our Approach

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