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Plan, Execute & Analyze

We plan, execute and analyze research projects based on your objectives, markets and budgets. The data collected is compiled, analyzed and inferred by us to suggest the most well rounded set of recommendations with clear actionable steps!

What We Do?

Deep Customer Insight

Deep customer insight is the platform on which marketing strategies and plans are developed.

The majority of our brand consulting projects involve market research or brand research to gain deep customer insight. This ensures that client recommendations and plans are fact-based, grounded in customer needs and marketplace realities.

As a top tier brand strategy and brand research company, we have deep expertise in formulating brand market research plans, methods and surveys to obtain customer understanding.

Research Approach

A broad spectrum of analytical, brand equity research tools – primary and secondary research, qualitative and quantitative methods, and our own proprietary frameworks – are used to uncover deep customer insight.

Here are some common methods:

  • Exploratory research, including focus groups, one-on-one interviews, observational and ethnographic research. Included in this are techniques used for customer persona, customer journey and touchpoints alignment development
  • Concept optimization research, which is instrumental in developing value proposition and positioning alternatives
  • Segmentation research, including customer framework development based on statistical analyses
  • Brand tracking studies, including brand awareness and brand equity research


As each client issue is unique, the type and role of research will vary, across various tools, techniques and processes.


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