Types of Animated Videos that Are In-Trend Right Now

Animated videos have become an effective means of communication for businesses. They attract attention and simplify complex ideas and concepts in a visually appealing and engaging way. Gone are the days when animated content was perceived only for kids. Instead, it has become an effective communication method for corporations and business conglomerates to communicate with their internal and external stakeholders. 

Here are some types of animated videos that are currently trending and how corporates can utilize them for their internal and external communications.

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short animations that explain and simplify complex concepts, products, or services. These videos use captivating visuals, lively animations, and engaging narratives to grab viewers’ attention and convey information effectively.

Explainer videos are incredibly versatile and can be utilized in corporate communications for onboarding programs, training sessions, and product or service demos.

2. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a style where an animated hand draws the concepts on a whiteboard. This type of video is highly engaging because it mimics the classroom or boardroom experience.

It can be used for corporate presentations, training sessions, or as a creative way to share critical organizational announcements.

3. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics videos involve animated elements such as text, icons, shapes, and illustrations. These videos are visually stunning and can effectively communicate complex data or statistics.

Corporates can utilize motion graphics videos for internal communication, such as sharing financial reports and performance updates or showcasing company achievements.

4. 2D and 3D Animation

2D and 3D animations are widely used in marketing campaigns and brand promotions. These videos add a touch of creativity and depth to the message being conveyed.

They can be used for external corporate communications through social media platforms, websites, or even during conferences and events. Beyond communication, 2D and 3D animation, videos are excellent for enticing product-related ads or application demonstrations.

5. Animated Infographics

Animated infographics combine the power of data visualization with engaging animations. They effectively present facts, statistics, or research findings visually appealingly.

Corporations can use animated infographics to communicate market trends, industry insights, and company performance reports.

6. Character Animation

Character animation involves using animated characters to tell stories or convey messages. These videos are highly entertaining and can easily capture the viewer’s attention.

Corporations can utilize character animation in marketing campaigns, advertisements, or internal communications to share company values or promote teamwork.

Animated videos offer an innovative and captivating way for corporates to communicate internally and externally. They can simplify complex ideas, enhance engagement, and leave a lasting impact on the audience. By utilizing these trending types of animations, corporates can effectively convey their message in a way that resonates with their employees and stakeholders. So, whether for training, marketing, or internal communication, animated videos are a powerful tool that corporates should pay attention to in today’s digital landscape.

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